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Great lamp

This lamp was not cheap but it’s been worth every penny. It is easy to use and versatile in positioning it. The light turns on with the wave of ones hand over the top of the lamp. It’s a great lamp and I recommend it.

A perfect table lamp

I really enjoy the simplicity of manipulating this desk lamp into position for different work related purposes. Then, easily switching to a warmer light and dimming for more leisure TV viewing but still having the ability to find that remote control. It looks good too! ; )

OTUS Architect 20W Super Bright 31.5" Wide LED Desk Lamp w/Clamp

This product exceeds my expectations in every way. Build Quality, Design, Performance, Ease of use and Effectiveness. I would recommend to others and definitely purchase again. Steve M. Lawrence, MA USA March 2022

Exactly what I was looking for

The motion sensing power feature is great! When shopping for an appropriate length arm, I was excited to see the possibility of a convenient switch. I love the lighting options.

The Architect and Project Manager are very happy with the output of the lamps.

Still like it even though switch is hard to work

I got one about 2 years ago. It's lights and controls still work great. However, the switch takes several passes to turn the lamp on or off. The switch lost sensitivity gradually over two years. I tried cleaning it with a rag but that didn't help. If the switch goes out I'll probably get another one.

OTUS Architect LED Desk Lamp DL-011SL
Chandra W.
Love the lamp!

I do a lot of reading in medical code books for my job and the type is very small, hard to see. LED lamp works perfect! I can now read the code description and find the correct code without straining or blur. Love it. I also like the option of being able to change the color of light. Thank you, Otusworld!!

Great desk lamp

Needed a lamp that would come over the back of my 27" iMac. This works perfect.The horizontal bar is 21.5" works perfect. I have base behind monitor which works since on/off switch is on the head of the light. The motion sensor on/off is a cool feature too.

OTUS LED Desk Lamp Gesture Control DL-002BL

Table Desk Lamp

This is the BEST table desk lamp I have ever owned. The options are awesome.

OTUS Architect LED Desk Lamp Clamp 12W DL-008
Aaron Corum

OTUS Architect LED Desk Lamp Clamp 12W DL-008BL

OTUS Architect LED Desk Lamp Clamp 12W DL-008
Nathan Jones

OTUS Architect LED Desk Lamp Clamp 12W DL-008BL

OTUS Architect LED Desk Lamp Clamp 12W DL-008
High-quality light source and good adjustability

I was looking for a desk lamp to go along with the 43” monitor.
This lamp is one of a few which could reach displays height (to eliminate possible glare) and was the only high-CRI dimmable lamp with adjustable color temperature.
Light output was up to the expectations, sufficient for my needs, and somewhat beyond what you would typically find in the desk lamp (to be expected from an architect lamp).
I'm happy with the lamp and would repurchase it if ever needed.

Great lighting

I ordered this LED lamp after doing a lot of research. I needed a lamp for my close up woodworking. The lamp arrived on schedule and was well packaged. The lamp is of high quality. The base anchors the lamp with enough weight so an elbow can't knock it over. The light is even and bright enough to illuminate my work area without being glarish. Some LED lights are too white and can be painful to the eyes. This light is soft enough so to not strain my eyes. The articulated arms move easily and stay where positioned. I got used to the hand gesture controls for the lamp very quickly. It's a neat feature. I would advise my friend to buy this lamp. It is a very good product.

Super quality, super useful

Spent two hours looking at LED desk lamps before narrowing it down to this and one other. Needed several key features:
1. Long horizontal reach without tipping
2. Small or circular base so that it could be oriented at an angle to a wall, but still be as close as possible to the wall
3. Power switch on the head because the base would be inaccessible behind a monitor.
4. Lighting brightness and color options to make sure it was easy on the eyes at all times of day or night and office lighting.
This lamp satisfies all criteria above, plus is of solid and quality construction, and has a beautifully simple geometry of design, and a great price. Has very long vertical an/or horizontal reach. Really like the IR sensor that controls the power with a wave of the hand. Completely satisfied. Would buy again.

Pleased with it

This us a Christmas gift so kit in use yet. However I took it out of the packaging to test it, and all was good. It is exactly what I wanted and seems sturdy.

OTUS LED Desk Lamp DL-007
John Schultz
Very high functioning

The best functioning lamp I’ve ever had. It has all of the up-to-date LED functions, but what it does better than others is reach much farther and with very flexible positioning. It does this without being clamped to the table like a drafting lamp. It has a heavy base and an extremely light-weight upper section. Customer service is outstanding and easy, directly through their website.

OTUS Architect LED Desk Lamp Clamp 12W DL-008
Almost perfect!

I never knew a light could make such a difference! The light is absolutely amazing in the sense that it’s super bright and really aesthetically pleasing the only downfall that I could find was that the lamp hinge is loose in the leg falls down a little when extending the top part out. If there is a way to change this I wouldn’t think twice to give the lamp a 5 star! It is really convenient just taping the little button provided to turn on the light as well. This button can also change between the different light modes. Over all I highly recommend this product to anyone interested.

OTUS LED Desk Lamp 12W DL-009WH
Michael D. Reisman
Review of OTUS Desk Lamp

I like the lamp very much. The base is heavy so can extend the lamp. The base has a touch on and off and just below is seven round circles that when touched adjust lamp brightness. It is 5 inches wide which makes it nice to just about fit any space. The light has external power source. The led's mean it will last a long time and also easy on the electricity. The quality is quite good and could see paying more at one of those big box stores. Happy with the purchase!

OTUS LED Desk Lamp 12W DL-009WH
Andrei Kotelnikov
Bright light, swivels 360 degrees, cool looking

I love this lamp. Its very bright and the light spread out evenly. The brightness can be controlled. It swivels 360 degrees and it has 2 elbows to regulate the position. Cool looking design blends perfectly with my white desk.

OTUS LED Desk Lamp 12W DL-009WH
Kimberly Longfellow
LED Desk Lamp

For 12W it's nice and bright. I love the different settings. The lamp is good and solid. Not a cheap piece of plastic. Base is heavy so it doesn't fall over when adjusting or using. Might just get another one for my hubby!

Better than expected

First class product with multi functions. Simple to use and really good to light up those awkward spots or to highlite a certain area. More than happy with lamp

OTUS LED Desk Lamp 12W DL-009WH
Zach L.
Desk Light Works Well

This is a great desk light, it replaces one of those old incandescent desk lights that I used to have that used up so much energy. This light is just a fraction of the wattage and provides as much if not more light. I like the different color of the light because it makes all my papers look brighter when I am trying to read them.

OTUS LED Desk Lamp DL-007
Phil mcawesome
It’s perfect for any computer desk

Fantastic lamp, worth every penny. Does everything you want and then some

OTUS LED Desk Lamp 12W DL-009WH
Very nice adjustable light - Requires a plug in cord all the time

This is a very nice light. The actual light is very bright and I like that I can adjust it as I see fit. Most of the time It will be on high. The way the light adjusts is very nice. It goes back and forth, tilts up and down, and also rotates. This is a very nice feature. My only comment is that in all the pictures of the product it shows that it is a cordless light. This light has to be plugged in all the time. I might have missed that in the description. Overall, a very nice light.